5 Best Minecraft Servers In 2020

Let’s face it, Minecraft is one of the most popular games around, facing the likes of PUBG, Animal Crossing,  Fortnite and countless more. What really makes this game really amazing is its online multiplayer feature, which coupled with its limitless amount of premium servers, provides an experience like none. So for you we have made a list of the top 5 Minecraft servers for 2020. Please be aware though, the servers are in no specific order.

1. Hypixel


Server IP : mc.hypixel.net

Starting strong in this list is Hypixel. Since its release in 2013, Hypixel has gained massive popularity in terms of the number of users. One of the reasons behind the servers popularity is the minigames, which include but are not limited to Murder Mystery, Arcade Games, Paintball Warfare, Smash Heroes, Build Battles and many more. With this amount of minigames to choose from, one can see why Hypixel is such a popular server, attracting 18 million players since its release date!

Hypixel has also recently released a new game mode Skyblock. Most of you probably already know what Skyblock is but this server has a unique twist to it. 

This time instead of being limited to your Island only, the game mode features an Hub where you can interact with players and shopkeepers who are found in their own market for example the Farmhouse, Bazaar, Auction House and many more. 

You also have access to realms you can where you fight exclusive monsters and get loot only found there for example the Deep Caverns and The End! 

2. Extreme Craft


Server IP : play.extremecraft.net

Another very well known server, Extremecraft offers its users quite a few game modes, the likes of which not only include Hunger games, Factions, Sky games, Acid Islands and Eggwars, but Classical Survival as well. In any case, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the vast amount of game modes this server has to offer. But beware, if you break 60 rules within 90 days, you might just end up getting banned!

3. Herobrine


Server IP : mc.herobrine.org

Herobrine is also a pretty popular server named after the mythical Herobrine. Offering quite a few game modes such as Earthly Town, Bed Wars, Sky Wars and Survival. 

For those of you who don’t know, Herobrine is like the bigfoot of Minecraft. Said to be a Steve looking mob with glowing eyes, it is rumoured to be present in the game. However, just like Bigfoot, there is no evidence that such a mob exists and the only sources which show any footage are said to be altered. Although official sources claim that Herobrine is not real, many seem to think otherwise. 

4. LemonCloud

best minecraft servers in 2020

Server IP : mc.lemoncloud.net

LemonCloud has been gaining rapid popularity ever since its release back in 2013 when it was just a simple and small server. Being an American based server and hosting 1500 players, the Minecraft server is updated regularly with super interesting updates, so you don’t have to worry about being bored anytime soon. It has tons of game modes such as Sky Wars, Prison, Factions, Survival as well as Creative. 

5. Manacube


Server IP : play.manacube.net

Manacube is an unique server featuring gamemodes such as Olympus, Parkour, Kit PvP, Skyblock and many more. 

The reason why it  distinguishes it’s self from other servers is due to its extremely popular gamemode Olympus which is basically a prison-based server that revolves around mining, farming and building up your own plots. What makes this gamemode standout is the Mana feature which is the main mode of trading between other players and it has a unique ranking system starting off from rock bottom, the Slave rank and going all the way to the Titan rank. 

The server is also famous for its Parkour server which prides itself on its vast amount of maps available that go well above 1000 not to mention the difficulty limit it offers! even if you’re a professional parkour master at Minecraft, this server will definitely give you a challenge as famous Minecraft players including Dream regularly come here.