How To Download Minecraft For Free

Yeah you read that correctly, it really does say how to download Minecraft for free. Not many want to pay for a game they can play for zero bucks. Same is the case with Minecraft.

There is an official launcher available of the game but third party launchers tend to be more popular because they are well, free. This article will guide you through the process of downloading Minecraft for free.

The launcher i will be talking about is known as Tlauncher and it is the foremost choice of players who just want to play the game. So first of all, what’s a launcher, well according to the fandom :

“The Minecraft launcher is the login and downloader front-end to the Minecraft client. It is responsible for downloading the main Java packages such as minecraft.jar, which holds the code and resources, and LWJGL”.

Long story short, it is a program that makes it possible for you to play the game. There are quite a few popular launchers out there, but Tlaucher in my opinion is the most favoured. The steps to download and run it are written below

1. Download Tlauncher

You can download the launcher from .Click on the “DOWNLOAD TL” button and choose the platform you’re using. 

how to download minecraft for free

2. Run The Application

After the application is installed, run it. Something like this should pop up:

how to download minecraft for free

When this window appears, click on continue. Go through the steps required and it will start downloading. After some time a window will appear asking you to tick some boxes.

Leave all of the boxes as they are and click on continue. Some additional files will start installing. Depending on whether you have or have not already installed java, it will start installing on your device. After everything is finished installing, click on complete and Tlauncher will start automatically.

Once it starts all you need to do is add your Username and choose the version you want to play and you’re ready to go! 

3. Make An Account

This step is for those who wish to use their premium accounts on TLauncher

Now that all of that is done, its time for you to make an account. Go to and click on sign up. You’ll be taken to a new page. Just spend a minute making an account and tick the “I’m not a robot” unless you actually are one. Last step is to sign up.

how to download minecraft for free

After you have made your account, open Tlauncher again. On the bottom left corner, click the accounts tab. An account settings window will pop up, just write the account and and password you created. Please remember to click on “Authentication at” and NOT the mojang one. if you have signed up at the TLauncher site.

If you haven’t you can use the “Authentication at”. Save the account and choose the Minecraft version you like and click on install. 

how to download tlauncher for free

It will take some time for the installation to finish so be patient as they say, “Good things take time”. After the installation is completed, a notification will pop up. Click on ok. Minecraft will now load. Congratulations! you have successfully managed to download Minecraft for free!

Note : GameDevour does not promote the use of unauthorized third-party application and recommends its viewers to use the official Minecraft launcher. GameDevour will not be held responsible for any actions done/committed by the viewers.