How To Install Optifine Easily In 2020

Optifine is a remarkably popular Minecraft optimization mod. What this basically means is that it allows the game to run more smoothly with better fps. 

This mod tends to be popular with users which do not have a very powerful setup or those who are aiming for a fully optimal game experience. 

This guide will show you all the steps required, how to download Optifine, how to install Optifine, and how to run it as well.

However, please do be aware, this article requires you to install java. Without it, it’s not possible to download Optifine using this method.

1. Downloading Optifine

Downloading Optifine is a relatively straightforward process. Just go to here and install the version of Optifine you desire (depends upon the Minecraft version you have). Once you have downloaded it, run the setup.

how to install optifine

2. Installing Optifine

Installing Optifine is not very difficult as well. Once you’ve opened the setup, a window like this will appear:

how to install optifine

Just click on Install. After the installation completes, you can proceed ahead and click on ok. Optifine is now successfully installed. 

3. Running Optifine

Open your Minecraft launcher. On the bottom, you can select the Optifine version you’ve installed. TLauncher already has Optifine added to its versions so for launchers other than this which doesn’t have the mod pre-installed you will see the new Optifine option.

how to install optifine

After you’ve selected the version, click on install. When the installation completes, you will enter the game. Done! that’s how you install Optifine; it’s now up and running. Now hold your horses, this doesn’t mean that your fps will skyrocket magically, there are a few settings you have to tweak for that. Let us continue.

4. Changing Some Settings

Open settings. Go to video settings. Youll see that its a bit changed; there are a lot more options for us to tweak and play with. I must, however, tell you that different devices may have different combinations of setting to give the maximum result. What works perfectly for one device may not work as efficiently for another. Still, let us continue.

install optifine

In the Video Settings

Change Graphics to fast

Turn Smooth Lighting off

Decrease Smooth Lighting Level to your liking

Turn Dynamic Lights off

Render distance is the most important factor for fps increase. You do not want your render distance to be more than 4 chunks. Make that 8 chunks if you have a better setup. Decreasing render distance will significantly increase fps. However, do not make your render distance less than 2 chunks

Turn Entity Shadows off

installing optifine

Go to Detail Settings

Turn Clouds to fast

Turn Trees to fast

Turn off Sky

Turn Fog off

Turn Stars Off

Turn Cloud Height off 

Turn Fog Start to as low as you want (less than 0.6 would be preferable)

Turn Biome Blend off

In the Animation Settings, turn everything off, except Particles. You want to keep that to Decreased or Minimal

Open Quality Settings

Change the Minimap Level to nearest

Turn Custom Sky off

Turn Better Snow off

Turn Better Grass off


Turn Smart Animations on

Turn Faster Render on

Done. Hopefully, you’ll see your fps increase substantially. That’s it. See you next time!