Terraria 1.4 Special Seeds

The new Terraria 1.4 update brought along some secret world seeds which were eventually discovered by its players. If you’re interested in a unique Terraria experience then be sure to try out these seeds!

1. Drunk world

Special Seed Drunk World

Seed : 05162020 or 5162020

The drunk world seed brings a lot of new bizarre changes to the world generation. You may notice at the start that the Party Girl replaces the guide which also permanently unlocks the Terraria: Otherworld soundtrack.

Both ore variants generate in this world including Hardmode ores too. Crimson and Corruption both generate in the world at opposite ends. You can also acquire the Moon Lord Legs and Red’s Potion which can be rarely found in chests. The dungeon is a bit tricky to find in this seed as the entrance to it has been completely removed and instead can be found underneath a Dead Living Tree which has a unique brown color to differentiate from other Living Trees. During generation, a Glowing Mushroom Biome will replace the typical forest background and the moon moves backwards resembling a creepy looking smiley face.

Changes have also been brought to the jungle and snow biomes with both being found at the same side opposite of the dungeon. Floating islands can be now found in desert and snow biomes with the island having either sand or snow blocks instead of dirt depending on where you found it.

2. Not The Bees

Special Terraria Seed, Not the Bees

Seed : not the bees

This seed is quite obvious compared to the others, during world generation it will say “Generating Bees” and upon entering the world, the Guide will be replaced by the Merchant.

The world is mainly the Jungle biome and most of the blocks have been converted into Hive and Honey blocks. After roaming around a bit you will come across a lot of larvae generated on the surface and underground. Water bodies are now honey except on floating islands. The only biomes that remain in their original form is Hell and the Mushroom biome. The Oasis, Glowing Moss mini biomes and Spider Caves will not be generated. The Dungeon is also painted orange and the Temple is painted green.

3. Dostoiniy Mir

secret terraria seed special for the worthy

Seed : for the worthy

The world difficulty in this seed is completely altered with monsters and bosses having drastically increased defense and health alongside damage, capable of one shotting even a well equipped character.

The combat style and mechanics for the Bosses have been changed slightly for example Skeletron Prime’s bombs can now break blocks. Other than changes in world difficulty, this seed also replaces the Guide with the Demolition. The world generation words are now a backward version of the normal one. Pots have a chance of now dropping bombs alongside Trees when they are shaken. The floating islands are infected with the world evil and the Skyware chest is replaced with a locked Gold chest.

On the bright side, we also have a bit of advantages with blocks now taking half the amount of hits to break. Larger veins of Platinum and Gold are generated, with them being much more common. Also try not to kill Bunnies in this seed because they are replaced with Explosive Bunnies.